Difference between synthetic wig and natural wig

For those who cheap wigs want to buy a wig in the first, a wig is a special product to learn about many things, which is a very difficult problem. If you go to the store’s wig store or online wig without any preparation, you might by buying a wig that does not end up fitting. Before you buy a wig, it is urgent that a little research is recommended.

The most basic point to know about the wig, there are two types of natural and synthetic. Natural wig is made from the actual human hair, made from synthetic man-made fibers.

In addition to the different types of wigs to use material, the wig are natural wig There are many other differences. cheap wigs To read to understand these differences in detail, it will help to determine the wig to buy.


Natural Wig is because it is made up of real human hair, it looks like a real human hair. Some of the high quality synthetic wig brand because of the advanced technology and handmade process, but looking for as the natural wig is good. Natural wig is, as a rule, soft to the touch much smoother than synthetic wig.


Natural wig, iron, hair dryer, because it can be modified other tools with the flat iron to use heat, is easy to adjust and create a new style. The better the properties of a variety of human hair, natural wig, only or frequent changes you want, you can change the style. However, you must wash the natural wig ronald wigs before creating a new style that is very time consuming.

On the other cheap wigs hand, wig synthesized because of the potential to destroy the fibers, it can not withstand a large amount of heat. The advantage of the synthetic wig is that you can keep its original shape even after the recommended procedure to wash.

For wig in the rule is, synthetic wigs, usually is cosplay wig, because it is made for a specific cosplay role, has adjusted the appearance of the wig ronald wigs at the time of manufacture. Cosplayer after being used in some of the cosplay event or party, a synthetic wig easy to clean, can be retained.


Natural wig is, as a rule, black, brown, just on the natural hair color, like a blonde. However, if you see a blonde wig, it does not mean that it is made from a natural blonde. In fact, it’s made from the most natural black hair wig that has been processed to produce a natural wig of various colors ronald wigs and design in the market.

Synthetic wig can be made in almost any color. Pink, blue or if there are people wearing a wig of yellow, and there is a possibility, it is certain that is made of a synthetic fiber. cheap wigs Most of the cosplay wig shop, you can see the wig, the different colors of cartoon and movie characters were designed.


One of the most important features of wig is whether it can be recognized. This factor is ronald wigs you have to consider something other than the hair itself. Has the hair fiber attached. Most of the synthetic wigs, but it’s a very durable, comes with a relatively detectable French lace cap.

Natural wig is, as a rule, but has adopted a Swiss lace cap, this is a wig that is not recognized, you just look like wig is growing from the head. There is also a cheap cap, the very affordable thin skin cap, but it is not very comfortable, because during the warm climate does not breath on the scalp does not.

Later we will talk about cap in a cheap wigs separate article. Please try again.


There is a price difference between the wig that is combined with the natural wig. It may cost $ 20 for the inexpensive synthetic wig, but you will not be able to get a natural wig less than a few hundred dollars. Or buy fun and inexpensive synthetic wigs or buy long-term expensive natural wig in much better quality and functionality is your choice.

For cosplayers, we strongly recommend the cosplay of cheap synthetic wig and similar design of cheap wigs good quality for the character.

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